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nagrzewnica_hp125_hp115_interloopWaste oil heaters INTERLOOP HP-125, HP-115  ONLY NOW AT BEST SPECIAL PRICES!!!!!!

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The universal oil fired INTERLOOP HP-115 and HP–125 heater is designated for the heating of industrial facilities not encompassed by central space heating systems (workshops, automobile service stations, factory halls, warehouses, animal husbandry buildings, cellars, garages, etc.).

Have you got a car service? Have you got an access to used oil? Use it! Buy waste oil heater INTERLOOP type HP-125 or HP-115 and heat the buildings for FREE!

Types of Fuel Permitted for Application in the Heater:

  • Vegetable oil (biofuels)
  • Waste vegetable oils (restaurant industry)
  • Mineral oils, including waste oils (engine oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids, and HBO I, II and III fuel oils with a maximum kinematic viscosity of 6.00 mm2/s at a temperature of 20°C and a flashpoint no less than 40°C as well as a density no less than 0.94 g/cm3)

    Heater Characteristics:

  • Two-stage power control
  • Overheating protection
  • Protection against oil spillage on burner
  • Built-in microprocessor controller
  • LED furnace defect warning signaling
  • Aesthetically made casing with powder coating
  • High-temperature resistant steel combustion chamber
  • Manual ignition
  • Hot air exhaust temperature 50°-70°C [122°-158°F] at a room temperature of approximately 12°C [54°F]
  • Heat radiation in all directions
  • Fuel tank capacity 50 l [13.2 gals.]

On equipped furnace comprises:

  • Fuel tank 50 liters
  • Control panel and fuel pump
  • boiler with combustion chamber base and ring
  • “Spoon” protection against overflow of oil in the furnace
  • draft stabilizater
  • slice for easy cleaning

The heater has the CE approval and Declaration of Conformity.

НР-115 НР-125
Heated space 600 m³ 800 m³
Thermal output 15 KW-22 kW 22 kW-30 kW
Max oil usage 1,85 kg/h 2,5 kg/h
Air flow 600 m³/h 1000 m³/h
Dimensions 137 H. x 54 W. x 75 L. 137 H. x 54 W. x 85 L.
Weight 80 kg 90 kg
Electricity supply 230V: 0,6A 230V: 0,6A
Chimney flue diameter 130mm 150mm

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